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Dana Jensen

You pose a great question here, one that we are attempting to tackle as well.

The AARP Women's Leadership Circle funds a scholarship program aimed at arming women with the life skills they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

The program provides scholarship funds to women ages 40 and older seeking new job skills, training, and educational opportunities so they will be more financially secure as they age.

You can check out more about our program here: or follow us on twitter at @AARPwlc

Keep up the great work!


Thanks Dana!
Early on in the days of Dollar Philanthropy, I became cyber friends with a person from the Washington Area Women's Foundation. They really are focused on helping women in their area gain the life skills they need to be successful. In general Women's Foundations are very good at this. Many have great stories. I quietly wish that there was someone who could come up with the powerful stats to be able to tell that story.


This is a great post. Helping young women should be a major priority for the general public's charitable giving.

Women do some wonderful things, especially in the world of philanthropy, and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. My organization, CafeGive, was co-founded by two women and a man for the purpose of helping everyday people raise money for their favorite non-profit organizations. CafeGive is an online shopping portal which donates a portion of every purchase made to a charity, at no extra cost to the shopper. What makes CG different from other such sites is the ability for the shopper to choose which cause gets their money from an ever-growing list of 39.

Among the great causes from which to choose, we have most recently added Girls Inc. of Northwest Oregon. This is a cause which helps young girls become smart, confident women through educational programs and other such resources. This is just one example of a non-profit we host which benefits girls. Others include the Black Women in Sport Foundation and Breast Friends (supporting breast cancer research).

I encourage you to come check out our site at All it takes is visiting the “shop” page to choose from one of our nearly 350 merchants. From there you are taken to the company’s webpage, and the transaction is completed normally. If you are already an avid online shopper, why not check to see if the store you’re looking for is on CafeGive? It’s a great way to benefit your favorite cause without having to change your shopping habits. And if your passion is helping underprivileged girls learn to be confident, contributing members of society, we’ve got you covered.

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