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robert guinto

It's ok to involve our children in our work lives and see how we interact and lead. How we care and make a difference. My nine year old is great at attending meetings. He charges me $5 for each 40 minutes. It keeps the meeting on track and to the point.

Lately, he has been providing his opinion on what he is observing. He does not have that adult view and it is more of a basic view.

He wrote the blog for tomorrow about talking and not using fists. I linked it to branding and messaging.

He described what is a Best Friend and I linked it to nonprofits.

Carol Kirshner

Hi Robert-

Thanks for the comment about including kids in the work environment. As my career takes a more-than-welcome shift thanks to Miss N's arrival, I am surprised at how people are welcoming N coming with me to meetings. I am indeed fortunate to have clients who understand, appreciate and share the common value that children are the most important things on which we spend time, effort and love. As someone who has always enjoyed hearing and learning from the perspective of children, I look forward to N getting older and what she thinks.

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