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Dental care is so important, especially in poorer parts of the world. In many African countries, there is no dentist. Not one.

Its so important to encourage dental care workers to venture out of the high economic areas of this world. We need them!

Light and peace, M

Mary Joiyce Celising

Interesting views. Thanks for blogging about this. Wish I saw this post earlier.


Carol Kirshner

Thanks Mary Joyce. I hope your company helps out kids too.

Amity Scarlet

Furthermore, the average adult citizen had a poor understanding of proper dental care, preventive hygiene and importance of a low sugar diet.

childrens dentist

Poor dental health in children is a growing problem. Children need to be educated at an early age on the importance of good dental hygiene to prevent the occurance of dental problems throughout life. Thanks for sharing this post and I hope it will make a difference in many children's dental health.


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