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I like it! I think it has a really positive feel to it.

Roger Carr

Hi Carol,

I like your banner. It does a great job of representing what your blog is all about (one dollar donated from many people = many dollars that can be put to good use for a worthy cause).

However, the reason I continue to read posts on your blog has nothing to do with the look and feel of the site. You always have content that I enjoy reading and learn from.

Keep up the good work!


Carol Kirshner

Roger and Lorna,
First, thanks for being readers. Sometimes, I feel like I'm writing in an echo chamber. Sometimes, when I have writers block, I think of folks I know who visit.

Second, thanks for the feedback on the banner. I'm very happy with it. Lorna-- thanks for the referral of Josh-- you're right he's good.


Michele Martin

Hi Carol--Love the new banner! Definitely goes with your message!

Lisa Gates

Hi Carol, great new look. Your comment above about thinking about your audience when you have writer's block is a perfect idea starter. Gets you out of your head and into someone else's! ;-)

Great job.

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