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Would you be willing to give us a little info on what you see in each of these? I'm thinking the second one is sort of "shining a spotlight" on the power of our individual dollars, but I'm not 100% sure, as it's just a sketch, and I don't know the context. I think you've got a really good start here!

Carol Kirshner

Hi Lorna,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Here is some of the thinking.

George washington within a heart is the symbol of a $1 doing good. Not my favorite as far as symbology... however Josh did a great job at crafting GW.

The spotlight is exactly as you describe. Also draws upon the batsignal motif or those beacons at night... calling people to donate a dollar or to at least drop by and see what's going on.

The other one is just a simple wordmark--- should we decide to just go with that.

Some themes I presented were "brightening their little corner of the world," "a hand up instead of a hand out", "power of one dollar when given with others"

Do you have any ideas?


I like the spotlight idea the best and wonder if you might not come up with a slogan (similar to the "brightening their corner of the world" thing you mentioned). Perhaps you could do something along those lines and put it just under the logo . . . ? How cool that you're coming up with all of these great ideas!

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