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Gayle Roberts


Great post. Started writing a response, but it ended up getting too long, so I turned it into a post on my blog. If interested, you can read it at



Hi Gayle,

Thanks for responding. I'll drop by and take a look. Feel free to send a trackback... so visiters here can go directly to you post to follow the conversation.

Mark Petersen

Yes, I like this post very much as well. I like your thought of the father who gave, and trained his kids to give, even when it wasn't especially convenient or when times were good.

We have so much to give. It's not all about money.

I lived for 3 yrs in Colombia (South America) and I gotta tell you I met such amazing people who generously gave of themselves out of their poverty. They gave time, friendship, insights, etc. They often gave little tokens of love which I treasure. They welcomed me and my family into their humble homes.

It has totally changed my perspective on who are the wealthy and who are the poor among us.

Beej Cobaltt

What a great way to use this photo! Slice of the pie, ha ha! BTW I agree with your concepts in this article. Thanks for the credit too!

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