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Lisa Kays

Carol, I didn't know before, but I certainly knew after. :D

Thanks for this post, and the links...I couldn't agree more with these concepts that sometimes simpler is better and that yes, ego does get in the way of great ideas that may not be that "exciting." I've seen it over and over, particularly in Africa.

Which is one of the reasons I'm such a huge fan of evaluation, where it's really used to determine if a strategy should be kept or dumped. And to funding innovation--that works.

Now, for the plug: Our Leadership Awards Program at The Women's Foundation is a great example of that, and something I'm really looking forward to participating in this year--as real people get to evaluate organizations and programs and make grants based on the best, most effective ideas...not the fanciest, not the biggest, not the boldest and already established.

We're looking for the diamonds in the rough that no one has found yet--some of the organizations funded in the past didn't even have full-time staff--and I love that. That it's about the ideas, the new ideas, the small ideas, the community-based, grassroots ideas that are working.

And empowering them to expand and build on what they're doing.

Thanks again for the post...and hopefully we'll get to have another breakfast sometime soon--even if only on Skype. :D

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