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I wrote on the same topic today!

One of the coolest things that I found was Organic Bouquet's charitable bouquets ( for those who really feel that Valentine's Day needs to be celebrated with flowers.

Carol Kirshner

Cool idea. Thanks for submitting! I'm a chocolate girl, however. Have you found a candy store that cures a sweet tooth and helps a friend?



Here's a good blog that links into some fair trade chocolates (and makes a couple of recommendations)


I came across an online retailer that generates funds for non-profits. The web address is On this site, you can donate a percentage of your purchase to any of the 19,000+ charities and organizations listed. If you can’t find the NPO you want to donate to, there’s an option to add new organizations at It’s a really innovative concept; a place where you can shop online and do something good.

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