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Dollar Philanthropy is an effort to inspire individuals who will are searching for affordable ways to make a difference in the world. Whether it be giving a dollar a week to a reputable organization, getting your friends and colleagues together for a service project or food drive or being a blessed benefactor to a person in need, it is the act of giving of yourself that transforms both you and the world around you.

A dollar doesn't seem like much and that is precisely the point. However, when combined, each of our individual dollars and single efforts can make a huge difference to a small to medium sized nonprofit that is seeking to serve a need and improve the community around them.

I am challenging readers to commit to giving $52 a year ($1 per week) for this project. If you want to give more that $1, please feel free. With this in mind, please set us up on your favorite RSS aggregator so you don't miss a post.

My name is Carol Kirshner. My day job is a cacophony of freelance gigs in the healthcare and non-profit fields. However, I have always tried to do my part to make my corner of the world a little nicer through volunteering or donating to a good cause.

I also sit on the Board of Directors of a local no-kill animal shelter and an ecumenical aftershool mentoring program. This experience has taught me that big things are possible by joining together and organizing small individual efforts.

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Disclosure: Dollar Philanthropy is a personal endeavor to draw attention to good causes and nonprofits that are making a difference. I do not receive any money for this. I reserve the right to publish content ads on the site to help offset the costs associated with this blog. After the costs have been covered, any excess from the ad revenue will be donated to the nonprofit of my choice.

In an effort to keep Dollar Philanthropy as a credible and reliable resource for finding a worthy nonprofit to which to donate, I will not allow organizations to pay or otherwise compensate me for being highlighted on this blog. I exercise full editorial control over post content, comments and trackbacks.

If you are interested in sponsoring this blog for a short period of time (still allowing me full editorial control), please contact me ---carol [at] drivingintraffic dot com.